Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New DK Aluminum Pegs $9.99 each

DK's super-slick Park Pegs are made of high strength CNC'd aluminum. They provide great strength and durability yet are super lightweight. Available in both 3/8 inch and 14mm in black, silver, and gold. Sold separately. Alloy Park pegs are not intended for Street use.
  • CNC'd 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Available in 3/8 inch or 14mm
  • Available in Black, Silver, and Gold
  • Sold Individually, price is for one peg.
  • 17mm Axle nuts required due to wall thickness.
  • 4oz

Friday, December 19, 2014

New DK Alpha Casette Rear Hubs $79.99

DK Alpha Cassette hub is a lightweight alloy shell with laser etched DK logo pattern to match other standouts in the DK Alpha line. This is a 36 hole, 9 tooth, right hand drive hub. Comes in black, green, gold, blue, and purple. Original MSRP $159.99

  • Lightweight alloy shell
  • 14mm heat treated axle
  • Laser etched logos
  • Sealed bearings
  • Right hand drive
  • 36 hole only
  • Freestyle Hub - 1 piece 9 tooth driver
  • 3 pawl design
  • 13.8 oz / 14mm hub

New DK Mega Watt Rear Casette Hubs $99.99

The DK Mega W
att hub features an innovative ratchet ring with 120 points of engagement. The heat-treated Chromoly driver holds three pawls that contain 12 points of contact each, engaging the hub every 3 degrees. A Chromoly female axle with 4 - 6902 bearings (2 in the hub and 2 in the driver) cuts down on the flex coming out of the gate. The larger bearing in the driver reduces drag and adds durability. Available in: Black, White, Cyan, Emerald, Gold, Red. Original MSRP $259.99
  • Female 3/8" Axle
  • 120 Points of Engagement (or Every 3 Degrees)
  • 3 Pawls with 12 Points Each
  • Overall Weight - 19.02oz (542g)
  • Hub with Bolts, No Cog and Spacers - 16.8oz (477g)
  • Hub Alone, No Bolts, Cog or Spacers - 14.15oz (402g)
  • 16 Tooth Cog
  • 4 - 6902 Bearings

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Panda Pro Am Looptail Chrome 20" Frame and Fork Oakland

Panda Pro Am Looptail Chrome 20" Frame and Fork ,nice original chrome, reproduction stickers, this is the good USA made frame, not the overseas one. No dents, cracks or re-welds. $499.

Friday, December 5, 2014

New Edelbrock Victor Small Block Mopar Heads Coming soon